The Books

Okay, here's the"elevator pitch" version of each of these projects.

Lady Thief

The Lady Thief, Lena Trimble, is the best at what she just. It's just that sometimes her conscience decides to remind her that it does, in fact, exist, and that's when she gets in trouble. When she accidentally reveals her identity by saving the life of a spy, her whole world gets turned upside down.

So when the opportunity arises for Lena to infiltrate Devon's team (and get some superpowers in the process), she jumps at the chance to humiliate him. But another traitor is also out to betray the team, and as Lena gets closer to Devon's team, she must make a choice: does she save the very people sworn to take her in?

Birthright Unknown 

On the eve of Mae's eighteenth birthday, the underground shows up and whisks her away, but they won't tell her why. Soon after she goes into hiding, though, the underground is attacked, and Mae and her friends (both new and old) must figure out the secret to who she is and why she keeps getting attacked . . . before it gets them all killed.

This whole thing would be a lot easier if they weren't all fairies. It's hard to make your way in the world of dragons, men, and elves when you're small enough to consider spiders a dangerous enemy.

Halfsie/Rendezvous/Michael of the Underground Rendezvous (work in progress)

Elaine would like to get her throne back from the usurper king, but she needs a particular Halfsie (half witch, half human) before she can get the job done. And unfortunately for her, that's Michael.

Michael would just like to live his life, but Elaine and her bodyguard, Andrew, showed up on his doorstep and are convinced he can help their underground organization, the Rendezvous. So he agrees to help, and their first mission together takes them into the Bermuda Triangle, where Time is literally their enemy.

In the meantime, Andrew, the bodyguard, is trying to prove his loyalty to both Elaine and the Rendezvous. He's not used to having his loyalty questioned, coming from the tightly-knit Family (the most ruthless mercenaries in the magical world), but since he did betray them to join the Rendezvous, he does kind of see what all the fuss is about.

*note: This is the first book in a series.

Secret We Keep (unfinished)

Nicholas Anderson has lots of secrets, and it seems like the whole universe is out to uncover them. When Vera joins his crew as the new doctor, she knows exactly what he's hiding (you don't live several thousand years without knowing things like that), and what started off as uneasy distaste turns into full-out dangerous enmity when a visitor from his past takes them both hostage.

*I'm sure there are others I mention, but these are the main ones.