Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Shameless Plug

So, storytime.

In the collaboration I'm working on, we actually had a couple writers drop out because of personal reasons, and that left us with a rather important part of the story to fill. We had divided up the personal training assessments for the tributes into three chapters, each done by a different writer, and Districts 9-12 no longer had anyone to write their story.

Well, rather than have one person get to have the spotlight on their character twice, one of the leaders of our little team of writers asked me if I'd be willing to co-write the chapter with her, since I'd already written a side story (one-shot) talking about what Kate did for her assessment. 

Flash forward to last week, when that went live and I no longer had to keep it secret, so I can share it with you! 

I'll also share with you the chapter I did for Kate's actually assigned POV in the Capitol as well as a sneak peek at each.

Kate's Capitol Chapter: Getting to Grips
The trainer, Danielle Moonstar, said something that sounded like "how to hold the bow," but Kate didn't need hand-holding.

She raised the bow to aim it when a new voice interrupted her: "Katie, right?"

Kate frowned and turned. She hated being called "Katie," and not even America could get away with calling her that. "Princess" and "honey" and other ridiculous names she'd answer to, sure, but "Katie" was what Dad called her when he was talking down to her, and she hated it. "It's Kate," she said, crossing her arms.

It was that kid, the one who was District partners with the redhead. Kate couldn't remember his name, but he was a Career. He seemed to be all smiles, though, and he had a bow of his own. His own targets were filled with arrows, all really close but not quite perfect. But they made a cool little lightning design instead of being dead-center, so Kate though he might have been holding back until the Games. Kid stole her idea.

"You're a decent shot," she said, nodding at the training dummies. 

"Are you?" he asked. He leaned casually against the nearest wall, eyeing her up and down.

"I'd say no, but then I'd be lying," Kate said with a grim smile. He was too nice, too smiley. What did he want?

He laughed. "Name's Clint," he said.

"I remember," she said, which was a lie.

"Uh-huh," he looked amused, and Kate wasn't sure she liked that look. "Okay, Katie, I'll go first."

"I pick the target, though," she said, the idea coming to her so suddenly that there was really no use trying to stop it from tumbling out of her mouth.

Clint paused for only a second before the grin split his face. "You're on."

Kate and Storm's Capitol Chapter: Can You See Me Now?

And then they called for her.

She felt her feet hit the floor, though she was not aware that she ever made the conscious decision to move.
And then she was back in the training room. Stations were set up all around her, and there was a large room, a seating area for the Gamemakers.

Kate beamed at them, waving enthusiastically. She was running out of beaming smiles in her supply, but when the adrenaline kicked in, that was all she could remember to do — smile and wave.

She probably did that for too long. One of the Gamemakers even sort of smiled back, his hand moving like he might wave back out of pity.

That was not good. She didn't need pity.

She forced her mind back to reality. She could see already that she was losing their interest. She'd get a zero — was it possible to get a zero? She was pretty sure it wasn't, but then, maybe...

She grabbed the staffs and twirled them over her head, losing her fear in the motions, going through a few dummies, testing out her strength, throwing in a few unnecessary twirls...

When she looked back in the room, she noticed that there were almost no eyes on her.

Screw it.

She dropped the staffs with a loud clang. Didn't even bother to pick them back up, just left them there.