Monday, May 11, 2015

Life Update

Just to let you know a little bit of the reason I've been incommunicado lately.

My uncle died on April 30th. We got the call exactly one week before that saying he was in the hospital, and then it was an emotional week of waiting, praying, and trying to find peace and acceptance. 

We had the funeral a week ago today, and that was probably one of the weirder experiences of my life. I've never experienced a death in the family before, and I always figured it would be one of my grandparents or someone older. Not the uncle who is the same age as my mom.

I've been trying to come to terms with what we experienced, and I took all of last week off of all but the most crucial projects (y'know, the ones I get paid by the hour to do and that help to pay the bills) so that I could calm my mind.

I think I'm still a little shaken, quite honestly, but maybe, just maybe, I can find a new normal.

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