Thursday, April 10, 2014

Random Assorted Thoughts

At this time of huge life upheaval and change, here are a few thoughts:

1. It is much better to be poor and happy than to be slightly richer and be stressed out all the time. Matt and I can handle a tighter budget. We're going to make it. But the stress was literally sending me to the hospital and interfering with my ability to enjoy life in general. So yeah, we're losing at stable paycheck a month and trading it in for a totally uncertain budget with my freelancing. But I won't be dying metaphorically and physically, so that's a plus.

2. My husband is the strongest man I know. He's seen me through what I now recognize as dark depression and anxiety, and all without a word of complaint.

3. Your best friends see the problem first. Listen to them if they tell you you're in a bad place. They're usually the first to pick up on changes in your mood. They're also the ones to point out to you when you're five times happier than usual.

4. If you get an answer to your prayers, act on it. It doesn't matter if you're stepping off the proverbial fiscal cliff. You need His strength, and He needs you to be obedient so that he can give it to you.

5. Give yourself credit. I've applied to freelance jobs I thought I'd for sure be ignored for. Got 'em. Reach higher than you think you can.

6. Plan for the worst. That little nest egg Matt and I have been saving? It's going to be so good for the weeks in between him finishing school and being able to work full time and my being unemployed.

7. I'll say it again. Money is not more important than mental health.

8. Ever.

9. Even when you're strapped for money, you can find something to splurge on. It might not be something big like new clothes. Maybe it's just a discount chunk of beef to make a nicer-than-usual meal. But it's a splurge. And splurging makes you happy.

10. When people offer help, don't be too proud to take it. But do know when it's not helpful.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Huge Life Announcement

I'm about to be unemployed.

Yeah, I know. It's totally terrifying. It really is. I have no idea what's next for me. I've got a few different options for places that I'm looking at for freelance writing opportunities. But nothing's solid.

Nothing's solid for my husband, either. I mean, he's got a few places that he was invited to apply, but nothing solid yet.

We're jumping out into the unknown with no safety net.

Is it okay if a wax religious for a minute?

I'm going to do that. It's my blog.

I really feel like right now we're in God's hands. We've put our lives in His court, and we've both prayed about this decision, and this is what we feel like we've got to do. I mean, it's going to do wonders for my physical and mental health to be away from my incredibly stressful job, so that's good. And if Matt can get a better job, I think he'll be happier, because I don't think he feels like he's growing. So we know it's a good decision.

But we're blind right now.

We have literally no idea where we're going.

If you believe in God, please pray for us.